My Experiments On Ultraviolet-C Lamp


Background: COVID-19 situation impacted our lifestyle a lot ! and lazy me, looking for an easy alternative for hand soap and clorex for cleaning all groceries, amazon packages and what not that arrives to home.

Experiment 1: What you see below in the 1st picture is an experiment with Ultraviolet-C (UVC) lamp on action. Two specimens of Yeast are tested for it’s growth. First sample is exposed to UV-C lamp for 15 minutes and second is not as per 2nd picture below.

3rd picture – right after placing Yeast to sugar water mixture.

4th picture – Yeast after 30 minutes in sugar water.

Results : didn’t come the way I expected to be where ‘NO’ Yeast growth for the first UV-C exposed sample but appears to be a little growth as you will notice in the results comparison.

This tells me that ,

1. May be Yeast as the test target is not right one for UVC. Note that Manufacturer only states that the UVC targets the microbes DNA and causes structural damage preventing their reproduction.

2. I haven’t tested it properly as you will see some of the yeast particles were not exposed to UVC light as hidden by others that you might have observed in the first picture above.

Conclusion: Not able to confirm the product effectiveness by above test. So I still need to search for right test target or better options to confirm Product effectiveness before I replace my regular Coronavirus sanitation with this 😇

Disclaimer: UVC is harmful for humans, please go through the user guide and instructions from product manufacturer

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