RaspberryPi projects for kids


Stay@home projects for kids – implementing many fun programming options using RaspberryPi. Here is how I was able to successfully engage my 9 year old to fun programming that helps her code interactive stories, animations and games using Scratch programming plus other few RaspberryPI projects. Implementation steps include,

  1. OS installation on RaspberryPi : Installing Raspbian on RaspberryPi needs downloading Raspbian image and write that to microSD card.
  2. Setting up RaspberryPI: insert the miscroSD card to RaspberryPi and then connect the basic peripherals like mouse, keyboard, TV screen, and power source.
  3. Now all set to enjoy RaspberryPi during Stay@home time !!!

4. Select the Programming Menu to start Scratch from TV monitor

5. About Scratch – It is block based visual programming language primarily targeted for children. Ref – https://scratch.mit.edu/

6. Other RaspberryPi development options – refer https://shalimatech.com/what-is-docker-file-image-container/