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What is ELK

What is ELK (Elastic search, Logstash, Kibana) ? ELK stack is a combination of 3 open-source products as below, Elasticsearch, a search and analytics engine. Logstash, that index the data to Elasticsearch. Logstash has a config file that has input,filter and output section. Config file looks like json file. Kibana, a visualization tool which provides …

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DevOps vs DevSecOps vs NetOps

What is DevOps vs DevSecOps vs NetOps ? DevOps is the practice of using set of tools, processes and practices to get good agility in software implementation to customers. It combines Dev (software development ) and Ops (information operations). DevOps shortens the development lifecycles and provides Continous Integration & Delivery. DevSecOps is when security features are …

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Jenkins job vs pipeline

What is Jenkins jobs and Jenkins pipeline ? Jenkins jobs and Jenkins pipeline are essentially same, however pipeline is more staged flow of jobs. For Jenkins pipeline, Jenkinsfile is used.What is Jenkinsfile?Jenkinsfile is a text file placed in the root project directory. The Jenkinsfile has multiple stages like build, unit test, sonar test, functional,  regression, …

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How does Karate framework work

What is Karate Framework and API test automation is done using Karate ? Overview Karate framework is the only framework that combines API, Web Automation, mock and performance testing using Gatling. It supports some level of RPA/RDA testing by integrating Sikuli with it’s scritps. Stackoverflow links related with Karate framework Karate framework can …

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Performance testing tutorial

Performance testing tutorial – Advanced. Jmeter Performance test scenario – Creating a Jmeter Performance test scenario Thread Group: Thread group is the number of virtual users performing the transaction on application under test. How to add Thread group? Right click on the TestPlan Select Add>Thread Group from the popup. Performance testing best practices and activities. …

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How to set expected conditions in Protractor

How to set expected conditions in Protractor ? var expectedCondition = protractor.ExpectedConditions; var elementOne = element(‘UserId’)); browser.wait(expectedCondition.presenceOf(elementOne), 10000); expect(elememtOne.isPresent()).toBeTruthy();

Protractor vs Selenium

Protractor is a test framework mainly intended for Angular and AngularJS applications. Where as Selenium is developed for any Web Browser Automation.  During Protractor execution you no longer need to add waits specifically to wait for your next test. Protractor can automatically execute the next step in your test the moment the webpage finishes pending …

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What is Julia

Julia is a programming language suited for Machine Learning. Julia has got lot of advantages compared to Python when it comes to Machine learning. Julia is compiled at run time and it uses Just in Time compiler and it is fast compiling.  Julia’s multiple dispatch very is fast and polymorphic dispatch allows for applying function definitions as …

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What is Selenoid

What is Selenoid ? Selenoid is an alternative solution for Parallel Selenium test execution when you are not looking for Selenium Grid or Docker selenium. Like the way Docker selenium out perform over selenium grid, Selenoid also has the advantage over selenium grid being dockerized. Selenoid has successful implementation of docker containers to kick start …

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