Automaton testing using Cucumber – Behavior driven development (BDD)

Application behavior is the main focus on BDD. The requirements are written in English which gives more readability and understandability of the requirement.

So any roles in the company like Tester, developer, end user, and techno functional person can read it and understand it. Also this will reduce the complication in terms of missing requirement or misrepresenting or misunderstanding requirements between different roles like Developer , tester ,  end user etc.

Gherkin is a business readable language, refer below for an example. Below feature file is integrated with Selenium and are having user stories as below.

Please refer below – “feature, Scenario, Given, When, And, Then “are the Keywords below to understand on how to write a feature file…

What is Feature file in Cucumber test and how to create a feature file.

Feature file is a part of Cucumber framework and it contains descriptions in English language.

Follow below path to create a feature file

create feature file

One sample transaction as below:

sample feature fileOne sample transaction example as below:

sample feature file transaction
sample feature file transaction

sample feature file

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