Angular 12.1 new features

Angular 12.1 new features: Improved CLI performanceng build defaults to prod, that avoids accident production deployment from development builds New @use syntax points to new Saas API in Angular 12.1. Automatically happens when you do ng update on Angular 12.1 Angular components supports in line Saas in styles field in @component decorator Strict mode can …

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Selenium tutorials

Selenium # Selenium Implicit and Explicit wait //Implicit Waitdriver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(10,TimeUnit.SECONDS)// Explicit waitWebDriverWait wait = newWebDriverWait(driver,20);wait.until(ExpectedConditions.textToBePresentInElementLocated Selenium # Selenium Keyboard and Mouse eventskeyDown(); keyUp(); sendKeys();doubleClick(); Code Example:Actions builder = new Actions(driver);Action actions = builder.moveToElement(“logintextbox”).click().keyDown(“logintextbox”, Keys.SHIFT).sendKeys(“logintextbox”, “hello”).keyUp(“logintextbox”, Keys.SHIFT).doubleClick(“logintextbox”).contextClick().build();actions.perform() ; What is Cucumber BDD for Selnium tests Cucumber BDD (Behaviourdriven development):Cucumber is a testing toolused for Software testingwith behaviour …

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DevOps tool chain and important tools and frameworks

Source code management:GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab Programming Languages:Java, Python,JavaScript,Typescript Build management tools:Gradle, Maven, Ant Configuration management:Ansible, Chef, Puppet,Salt Stack Container:Docker, LXC, RKT Container orchastrators:Kubernetes, Docker swarm,Openshift, NoMad Infrastructure Provisioning:Terraform, Azure template,AWS cloud formation,Google Deployment Manager Monitoring :DataDog, Grafana, Zabbix,Prometheus, Checkmk,New Relic Logging:Splunk, ELK, Graylog Clouds:Azure, AWS, GCP, OpenStack ,IBM Bluemix, Alicloud CI/CD:Jenkins, Travis CI, Circle CITeamCity, …

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Kubernetes concepts, cluster, nodes, docker container, image, Dockerfile

Kubernetes concepts to remember: 1. Kubernetes Cluster: combination of large number of node machines 2. node machines:where Kubernetes software is installed and docker containers are hosted 3. docker container:each node machines contain large number of docker containers 4. docker image:Docker instructions are build and stored as image 5.Dockerfile:Docker instructions are written in markup language and …

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What are the new features in Python 3.9

Python 3.9 features: 1. High performance andflexibility – PEG basedparser (replaced currentLL(1) ) has high performanceand stability. 2. New 2 operatorsmerge “|”, and “|=” updateare introduced forDictionary operations 3. new two string functionsadded to string object for easy coding experience.they are ‘removeprefix(string)’and removesuffix(string) as below’prefix-n’. removeprefix(‘prefix-‘)’n-suffix’. removesuffix(‘-suffix’)both code provides ‘n’ as result 4. Type hinting …

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What is single and double slash for xpath

#shortsWhat is Single slash ‘/’in Xpath in selenium: Single slash ‘/’ is usedwhen absolute Xpathis considered for Elementidentification for SeleniumWebDriver What is Double slash ‘//’in Xpath in selenium: Double slash ‘//’ is usedwhen relative Xpathis considered for Elementidentification for SeleniumWebDriver Relative Xpath ‘//’is better Elementidentification strategy