What is Kernel in Operating system?

Kernel is the center core of operating system that controls all the low level activities. Kernel coordinate the software and hardware integration.

What is BIOS?

BIOS is the basic input output system to initiate the booting process and kicked off prior OS takes care of user interactions via software interfaces.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the practice and processes meant to protect computer systems, programs and networks from malware attacks, data theft etc.

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing is a planned and controlled ethical hacking on computer system to make sure system is stable against the hackers and malware programs.

What is port scanning ?

Port scanning is a method of identifying which server or network port are open and listening. This is the first step usually hackers do when they target a system.

What is DDoS ?

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) is cyber attack where the hacker tried to bring down the system or network or servers by loading the system with heavy transactions. These attacks make the system temporarily or indefinitely unavailable to users.

What is Botnet ?

Botnet is a group of compromised computers/servers often referred as ‘zombies’ in the control of hackers which may cause DDoS , data theft , unauthorized attack on host systems/network/servers.

What is web reconnaissance ?

Web reconnaissance is the hacking process where the intruder makes the compromised system to gather the nerwork vulnerabilities to make use of further hacking.

What is PyTorch ?

PyTorch is a machine learning library written in python and C++. PyTorch is used for Machine learning projects like computer Vision, Natural language processing. Facebook had developed PyTorch.

What is Computer Vision?

Computer Vision (CV) is an Artificial Intelligence on Machines to be able to identify and categorize real world object using machine learning models, images and videos.

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