What is contract testing

What is contract testing? Contract testing is famous in microservices world. When we consider less numbers of microservices,¬† then contract testing is not so necessary.However when you look at the Amazon or Netflix microservices mesh, it is countless. Such cases it is extremely difficult for developer or tester to maintain unit/automation test suite as per …

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How to read pdf content in java for automation project

How to read pdf content in java? Apache PDFBox and FontBox jar available can be useful here. Add these two libraries to your Maven Pom.xml or build.gradle dependencies.Then write java code to parse your PDF files to create POJOs.What is POJO in javaPOJO stands for Plain java object and it has not restrictions or class …

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What is ELK

What is ELK (Elastic search, Logstash, Kibana) ? ELK stack is a combination of 3 open-source products as below, Elasticsearch, a search and analytics engine. Logstash, that index the data to Elasticsearch. Logstash has a config file that has input,filter and output section. Config file looks like json file. Kibana, a visualization tool which provides …

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DevOps vs DevSecOps vs NetOps

What is DevOps vs DevSecOps vs NetOps ? DevOps is the practice of using set of tools, processes and practices to get good agility in software implementation to customers. It combines Dev (software development ) and Ops (information operations). DevOps shortens the development lifecycles and provides Continous Integration & Delivery.¬†DevSecOps is when security features are …

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Jenkins job vs pipeline

What is Jenkins jobs and Jenkins pipeline ? Jenkins jobs and Jenkins pipeline are essentially same, however pipeline is more staged flow of jobs. For Jenkins pipeline, Jenkinsfile is used.What is Jenkinsfile?Jenkinsfile is a text file placed in the root project directory. The Jenkinsfile has multiple stages like build, unit test, sonar test, functional,¬† regression, …

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