Non-QA Experience:
1) Experience configuring windows:
During 05/2003 to 03/2004, I worked as a customer service engineer for my first company, prior switching to QA career, where my roles include Installing Windows OS for clients and configure it for our Visual Basic products. I also worked on windows registries (regedit), msconfig and ODBC as part of above role and used certain guidelines and checklist while product installation at client location.

2) Programming or scripting knowledge:
Used Java and OOPS for Selenium WebDriver, and TestNG framework development. I proposed this framework to client during Client demo.
I used VB scripts for HP QTP/UFT test framework development. In the past, I got an opportunity to work as a Web UI Designer (HTML, Java and VB scripts) and VB programmer for a short period of time.

2) Hardware QA experience:
I am keen to learn this area as I have minimal exposure to hardware testing. In my total 12 years of IT experience, my hardware QA experience includes only one year where my first Job I worked as a customer service engineer where my roles include Windows Desktop setup, Windows or Linux OS installation, testing, Database configurations and Visual Basic based products installation at client location. Prior going to client location, I install software packages on different windows machines at office to make sure the hardware/software compatibility and followed certain checklists. Due to my personal interest, I started using Raspberry Pi with Raspbian on it to learn programming and hardware-software integration. Projects that currently being worked on are NAS, creating my own Cloud space, Github repository, CI Jenkins to run Selenium scripts.