Python short videos for interview preparations

Python #2 handling file not found error

Python # 15 Lambda function in Python 3 onwards

Python #7 Exceptions | AttributeError — happens when an attribute reference or assignment fails

Paython #8 Exception |IOError — happens when I/O operation open() function fails like file not found

Python #9 Exception | ImportError happens when import statement cannot locate the module definition

Python # 10 Exception | IndexError  happens when a sequence subscript is out of range

Python #11 Exception KeyError :happens when a dictionary key isn’t found in the set it existing keys

Python # 12 Exception | NameError happens when a local or global name can’t be found

Python # 14 Nested If statements to check multiple conditions

Python # 16 How to find highest value in an array

Python #13 What is if __name__ == “__main__”: in python

Python # 6 if elif else condtion code example for python | code logic

Python #5 How to define own function code example | python automation | programming

Python #4 argparse standard library for taking commandline arguments into python program

Python #1 for looping  | Python programming

Python #3 logging usage | import logging

Python # 19 Python 3.9 features | new features in Python 3.9