Python short videos for interview preparations

Python #2 handling file not found error

Python # 15 Lambda function in Python 3 onwards

Python #7 Exceptions | AttributeError — happens when an attribute reference or assignment fails

Paython #8 Exception |IOError — happens when I/O operation open() function fails like file not found

Python #9 Exception | ImportError happens when import statement cannot locate the module definition

Python # 10 Exception | IndexError  happens when a sequence subscript is out of range

Python #11 Exception KeyError :happens when a dictionary key isn’t found in the set it existing keys

Python # 12 Exception | NameError happens when a local or global name can’t be found

Python # 14 Nested If statements to check multiple conditions

Python # 16 How to find highest value in an array

Python #13 What is if __name__ == “__main__”: in python

Python # 6 if elif else condtion code example for python | code logic

Python #5 How to define own function code example | python automation | programming

Python #4 argparse standard library for taking commandline arguments into python program

Python #1 for looping  | Python programming

Python #3 logging usage | import logging

Python # 19 Python 3.9 features | new features in Python 3.9

What’s QA Architect and what are the responsibilities


QA Architect role for a team or organization is critical for success. QA Architect roles can be following based on the what the team’s immediate needs and objectives,

  1. Could be a thinker to bring innovations especially for a matured agile team.
  2. Could be a trainer for a team which is not so matured with technology. QA Architect would help accelerate automation delivery here.
  3. Could be leader who gives technical direction and build strategy in selecting right tools , techniques and technologies
  4. A short term problem solver or a facilitator for long term process improvement.

Apart from Web and API automation skills, QA Architect must need to have following skills and technology knowledge,

  1. Experience in any of the cloud Techonologies like AWS, Azure or any similar one in market. Please refer AWS articles
  2. Experience in DevOps toolchain, please refer
    1. Jenkins, Jenkins pipeline creation, Jenkinsfile maintenance etc,
    2. Dockerfile creation, maintenance, container review, debugging knowledge
    3. Ansible, AWX console usage, playbook maintenance,
    4. SonarQube report analysis, rules settings, etc
    5. Jira, Confluence usages for automation results integration
    6. Gatling performance or similar performance test integration to Jenkins pipeline to make sure the workflow includes performance stage as well.
  3. Kibana visualization, ELK stack building and integration. This will help real time reporting on automation results and metrics.
  4. AI, Machine learning knowledge, experience on AI , ML tools and framework or libraries like Tensorflow
  5. Programming skills in Java, powershell, Python, R, Database experience, web development experience etc

What is contract testing

What is contract testing?

Contract testing is famous in microservices world. When we consider less numbers of microservices,  then contract testing is not so necessary.However when you look at the Amazon or Netflix microservices mesh, it is countless. Such cases it is extremely difficult for developer or tester to maintain unit/automation test suite as per the microservices development chnages.
Contract testing is the best possible solution currently offered for this situation. In contract testing, a mocked service is created to represent the provider.  There are commercial or opensource tools available to stimulate this. In short, contract is set of predefined requests and responses created by automation or developer team to do their testing.

How to read pdf content in java for automation project

How to read pdf content in java?

Apache PDFBox and FontBox jar available can be useful here. Add these two libraries to your Maven Pom.xml or build.gradle dependencies.
Then write java code to parse your PDF files to create POJOs.
What is POJO in javaPOJO stands for Plain java object and it has not restrictions or class path dependency.

What is google App Engine

What is Google’s App Engine ?

Google provides platform as service or PaaS via Google’s App Engine.App Engine is a cloud computing platform where development and hosting of applications can be done.Other feature is App engine scales up on demand basis when the requests are more.
App Engine supports almost all development technologies like Go, Java , Python, .NET, ruby.
Python web frameworks like Flask, Django all can run on App Engine.

What is ELK

What is ELK (Elastic search, Logstash, Kibana) ?

ELK stack is a combination of 3 open-source products as below,

  1. Elasticsearch, a search and analytics engine.
  2. Logstash, that index the data to Elasticsearch. Logstash has a config file that has input,filter and output section. Config file looks like json file.
  3. Kibana, a visualization tool which provides a web based GUI for a user. User can design the bar, plot reporting charts.
    In order to make Kibana and Elasticsearch interact, you need to make both server up and running. Then logstash will index the data to Elasticsearch. 
    Then Kibana would read the data from Elasticsearch and visualize it.

DevOps vs DevSecOps vs NetOps

What is DevOps vs DevSecOps vs NetOps ?

DevOps is the practice of using set of tools, processes and practices to get good agility in software implementation to customers. It combines Dev (software development ) and Ops (information operations). DevOps shortens the development lifecycles and provides Continous Integration & Delivery. 
DevSecOps is when security features are included in DevOps CI/CD flow.
NetOps is when network services are packaged to DevOps.

Jenkins job vs pipeline

What is Jenkins jobs and Jenkins pipeline ?

Jenkins jobs and Jenkins pipeline are essentially same, however pipeline is more staged flow of jobs. For Jenkins pipeline, Jenkinsfile is used.
What is Jenkinsfile?Jenkinsfile is a text file placed in the root project directory. The Jenkinsfile has multiple stages like build, unit test, sonar test, functional,  regression, integration,  performance testing, deployment etc.

What is Flagger

What is Flagger and how that is used in cloud ?

Flagger works are controller of the deployment workflow and helps automating the promotion of canary deployments. It utilizes the Istio’s and Prometheus metrics for analyzing application behaviors.
What is Istio ?
Istio is an open source service mesh that allows you to connect, monitor, secure your microservices deployment on premises or in cloud or in Kubernetes orchestration platforms.
What is Prometheus?Prometheus tracks events and helps as an alerting software. 

How to deploy machine learning models

How to deploy machine learning models ?

Machine learning models can be developed using TensorFlow, and orchastrated using Kubernetes and build it in Docker container. These can be combined with AWS services like CloudWatch, EKS and S3. This can basically give an API for developers to deploy their machine learning models.

What is Tensorflow?

Tensorflow is an opensource library used for machine learning specifically artificial neural networks. It provides API for various machine learning tasks.
It is important to learn following terminology prior learning Tensorflow.
Artificial neural networks are inspired from Animal brains that learn from experiences. Similarly neural networks learns from examples to perform its tasks than running predefined programs.

What is Keras

High level neural networks API written in python which Tensorflow utilized for building its programs.

What is Dense

Dense is the neural network layer in the tensorflow