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I am an Engineering professional with IT background. This site is just about my learning and documentation. This is just reference material only. Please use your own review and discretion before you use it. Terminologies used or getting added in the site are as below. I tried to cover most of the IT related topic through my blogs which I am currently learning or already learned. I will try to improve the quality of the contents as I progress. Some of them are very basic and needs more improvement – please refer respective product sites or authorized trainers if you are looking for detailed information. Below are the some of the topics covered by my blog site.

My site has following topics:

Customer Success Manager (CSM), Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL), Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL), Mobile device management (MDM) , Master data management (MDM), Firebase, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Software as a Service (SaaS), Hadoop Big Data, Hadoop MapReduce, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS),
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My google adsense story 🙂

Google Adsense has been around more than 10 years from now. But I did not pay attention much until I read an article that said “top earners of Adsense ” which is monthly ‘makings’ is more than a $100k..

How did I start? About my background?

At that point of time, I was not aware of WordPress or domain services or even the difference between webhosting vs domain services. The main reason was my career was teaching and little bit of freelancing experience on digital marketing and functional testing.

YouTube is my teacher who upgraded me as a so called techie guy …I easily started WordPress development but the challenge was hosting the content from WordPress.

My failed attempts on web hosting and google Adsense approvals…  By that time I got a deal from godaddy and registered my domain. But hosting from WordPress was still challenging me.

My inability to successfully host WordPress site paid me off ! HTML 5, CSS, Node.JS, Java scripts …all technical stuffs got added to my skill set and I started Github hosting, My godaddy is linked to Github and finally my site www.shalimatech.com was live on around Oct 2016.

I started dreaming about the precious article I read “top earners of Adsense “. That dream had only 2 days life as I got email from google Adsense that my first request on Adsense program was rejected  saying “not enough content”

Okay, let me add more contents..btw site quality was poor like responsiveness, mobile and most modern browser support, along with contents which I wasn’t aware or did not pay attention to that as my primary focus was to make money   ..greedy me right. YouTube did not help me much on this ..I added 5 more cooking recipes and 10 more technical blogs on my site. Submitted with much more confidence. This time I did not have to wait much..google immediately informed me about their decision of rejection on my hard work.

My 3rd attempt. This time again google advised – Improve contents! I decided to fill contents ..added 50 cooking recipes and 20 technical blogs .. My confidence level was so high, I ignored about other technicalities that google looked for. Resulting 3rd rejection 

Bye to Bye to Github ..that is the first thing I did on the day I received rejection email from google.

Coming back to WordPress ! ..this time YouTube came to rescue..got a nice video on how to develop and host a website. I looked again for deals…this time web hosting deals. Found one hostgator offered 1 cent for 1st month.

Finally godaddy hostgator WordPress tie up went live on 2016 Christmas holidays season. .. I moved all Github contents that I had to My site www.shalimatech.com.  the site got new design, all new modern features..cudos to wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

Now google Adsense approval..this is going to be my 4th attempt..by this time my site was getting good views and user coverage mostly Europe and south American viewers..I need to analyze why Europe and South America ..why not others….May be my next research topic and subsequent blog!

I was confident and submitted My request for adsense approval..I did it this time ! Got email within 3hours from google adsense approving my site.

I was at New year party at friend’s time..welcoming 2017…it doubled my happiness. But I realized google still fully ready to give me the job!

I learned that google has 2 stages of approval and this was first stage. I again opened YouTube and other blog sites..while waiting for approval ..I continued adding blogs and I hit 60 technical blogs milestone..

I got Google’s blessing on Jan 6th  2017- my site is adsense ready and I started thinking about my precious blog  “top earners of adsense ” I read. And dream started again..

My First day earning .. I setup ad codes on 6th evening and to my surprise Jan 7th reports showed My first day earning $ 1.82!!! I was so happy and started sharing my success story to my friends..

Today is my second day…… I am frequently logging to my adsense account and checking reports as well as WordPress dashboard and  view statistics…

I hope my story will certainly inspire you ..this journey made a decent programmer and a “techie” …

I am going to post a blog on tips and tricks on how to get easily google approval ..WordPress site development tips and tips for domain registration and hosting soon.. Good luck…