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What is Selenium Grid Extras

WHAT IS SELENIUM GRID EXTRAS Selenium Grid Extras is the enhanced Selenium Grid having more features like auto upgrade of browsers and Video recording enabled for error debugging purposes. Following Additional benefits due to Selenium Grid extras, Explicitly kills browsers after the test Increased stability for the automation Better support for IE on nodes JVM …

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How does Karate framework work

What is Karate Framework and API test automation is done using Karate ? Overview Karate framework is the only framework that combines API, Web Automation, mock and performance testing using Gatling. It supports some level of RPA/RDA testing by integrating Sikuli with it’s scritps. Stackoverflow links related with Karate framework Karate framework can …

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Selenium Tutorial

Selenium features Selenium XPATH Java Selenium take screenshot on failure Selenium on Linux server How to handle the error popup Selenium Grid project How to Install TestNG in Eclipse Selenium grid hub and node configuration Apache poi selenium  Selenium and Jenkins How to run selenium tests in Jenkins Selenium Jenkins integration Selenium features as below …

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QA Automation Interview questions

QA Automation Interview questions Differentiate final , finally, finalize (Short Ans: final method can’t be overridden, final variable can’t be changed, finally goes with try/catch, finalize is garbage collector) how to handle exceptions in java (Ans: try catch, throws, etc) how to use parameters in cucumber/testNG (Ans: scenario outline,tidy gherkin plugin, vs testng.xml-suite,test,class,method;) compare TestNG …

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Cucumber Scenario data table and Scenario Outline data table

What is TestRunner in Cucumber? Cucumber – Behavior driven development (BDD) Cucumber Scenario data table and Scenario Outline data table 1.Cucumber Scenario data table Sample feature file contents as below: Feature: Login and Logout Action Scenario: Successful Login with Valid Credentials Given User is on Application Home Page   When User Navigates to Application LogIn …

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Summary about Jenkins, Selenium and QTP automation frameworks

Summary about Jenkins, Selenium and QTP automation frameworks How to run Jenkins locally 1) go to and download Jenkins.war file 2) place the war file in a folder (e.g. C:\Jenkins\Jenkins.war ) 3) then open command prompt (windows start menu > run > cmd will open command prompt ) 4) in command prompt, go to …

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Successful test automation

Successful test automation approach – simplest way to build cost effective automation frameworks which can give better ROI. To maximize automation benefits in terms of best output and cost effectiveness is by implementing best matching framework based on your product line. When an organization plans for cost effective automation frameworks, they can always consider 2 …

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Software testing tutorial

Apache Jmeter key topics for basic level users Jmeter is an open source performance testing tool. Popularity is increasing on this tool now a days as reports can be extended and customized by doing little more programming on it. Installation steps: Download JMeter from ( ) è by clicking the on the “ md5 pgp” …

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What is TestRunner in Cucumber

What is TestRunner in Cucumber TestRunner is a program used in Cucumber to access Feature file as copied in the picture below. Feature file is something that has user requirement scenarios  written in English which gives more readability and understandability of the requirement which is called Gherkin language. So any roles in the company  like Tester, …

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