Whatsapp tricks & cheats

How to locate important messages in Whatsapp easily?

Solution: WhatsApp selected messages can be starred.

How to do: Hold down the message and select the star icon on top of whatsapp.

Then You can see all your starred messages directly from your WhatsApp homescreen(View contact >> started message)

How to Use WhatsApp in a Web Browser

1) go to web.whatsapp.com in a web browser on a computer.

2) Then, on your iOS/Android/Windows mobile phone, open WhatsApp and press the Options on top right corner side

3) then press WhatsApp Web from the options.

4) use iOS/Android/Windows mobile phone to scan the QR code shown on the browser on your computer.

How to restrict the view on profile photo and personal status in Whatsapp

Solution: Settings > Account > Privacy and press the right sub-menus for profile photo, status etc.

How to turn it off / hide the Last seen time in WhatsApp?

Follow the path Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen

How to turn it off / hide the Read Receipts indication.

Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts

How to reference an old message in WhatsApp and wanted to respond to that.

Hold down the message, then press the left arrow on Android/’reply’ button on iOS. Then type the message that you wanted to display as a response to the old message. This is helpful when multiple conversations are happening in a group chat and you want to respond to a particular message.

How to hide the WhatsApp message previews?

Solution: Go to Settings > Notifications > Show Preview, change the settings.

WhatsApp – how to format the text message

             -it-  => it

             *it* =>    it

            ~it~ =>   it

WhatsApp- Sending voice message instead of typing

            In Android phones – tap on mic icon in WhatsApp and record your voice or use Google’s speech to text engine

            In iPhone phones – tap on mic icon in WhatsApp and record your voice

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