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Top 5 Salesforce Interview questions

Top 5 Salesforce Interview questions

1. What is object in salesforce?

Objects are database tables used to store specific data. There are two types of objects. 1. Standard objects 2. Custom objects.

2. What are different types of relationship in salesforce?

There are two different types of relationship in salesforce.
1. Master detail relationship
2. Lookup relationship

3. What is a trigger in salesforce ?

A Trigger is a code that is executed before or after a record is inserted or updated.

4. How many reports can be added to salesforce dashboard ?


5. What is validation rule ?

While creating or modifying a record, based on certain conditions validation rule helps to display error message.

6. What are escalation rules in sales force?

Escalation rules can be created on sales force case object and based on priority escalation emails can be sent.