Kubernetes concepts, cluster, nodes, docker container, image, Dockerfile

Kubernetes concepts to remember:

1. Kubernetes Cluster: combination of large number of node machines

2. node machines:where Kubernetes software is installed and docker containers are hosted

3. docker container:each node machines contain large number of docker containers

4. docker image:Docker instructions are build and stored as image

5.Dockerfile:Docker instructions are written in markup language and stored in Dockerfile

Docker more info:

  1. Docker image can be run in terminal interactive mode while container started.
  2. While running in the terminal interactive mode, any program runtime, or filesystem can be added to the live container.
  3. A commit on container can create another fresh image.
    4.Fresh image from container can be tagged for easy use.
  4. Now the fresh image will have ubundu and the additional file system, runtime(like Java runtime) associated.