Performance testing best practices and activities.

Performance testing best practices and activities.

  1. As first step, Performance Engineer needs to learn the requirements, performance expectations & system architecture.

Note: To learn the performance requirements & expectations, SME (Subject matter expert ) or production user can help. This information will help to define performance goals and SLAs

  1. Then develop best matching performance test scenarios, approach, define goals (SLAs) & sign off test plan.

Note 1: To identify the right performance test scenarios, SME can give some feedback on about the current performance issues in production / live application that he/she is facing.

Note 2:  You can refer another blog of mine on different types of performance scenarios – click link load testing vs performance testing vs stress testing

  1. Now Performance Engineer can developer V– USER scripts and execute the scripts in Controller to generate performance analysis results

Note 1: Apart from delivering performance analysis results, Performance Engineer  can coordinate with other team to monitor real time performance on Database server, Application server and also make sure load balancing is working fine while stress testing.

Some of the e.g. when performance testing is needed

  1. for Database upgrade,
  2. Application upgrade,
  3. Or if user complains that application performance is bad – like page response is not meeting his/her expectations.