Java access modifiers:default, public, privateand protected

Java access modifiers:default, public, privateand protected. 1. default access modifier:here variables and methodsare accessible with in samepakage and not in other pakages 2. public access modifier:variables and methods are acce-ssible in same & other pakages 3. private access modifier:does not allow accessoutside to class or file 4. protected access modifier:here same pakage accessis allowed and …

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Docker image commands

//Build an image fromDockerfile and tag it docker build -t appimage:1.1 //List all images docker image ls //Delete an image docker image rm appimage:1.1 // to get rootprivilege use’sudo’ before above commands e. g. sudo docker image ls #shorts

Most useful git commands

Most useful git commands are git init, git add ., git commit, git push, git pull, git feth 1. git init// to start local repo 2. git add .//to add local changesto staging area 3. git commit -m “change1″// to collect stagedchanges 4. git push// to push localcommittedchanges toremote branch 5. git fetch// will fetchremote …

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What is Blue/Green Deployment and its Pros/Cons

What is Blue/Green Deployment and its Pros/Cons t’s an AdvancedDeployment processwith following steps 1. While Blue environmentis active and supportingproduction users,Green environmentwill be upgraded,then smoke tested 2. After successfulsmoke test, Load balancerwill direct user trafficto Green environment 3. Now Blueenvironmentwill be upgraded Pros:Uninterruptedavailability of servicesduring deployment Cons:Expensive to maintainduplicateproduction environment

What is Rolling Updates – Advanced deployment strategy

DevOps #2 What is Rolling Updates or Deployment | Incremental node updates on multi node environment Rolling updates aredone for Multi nodeenvironment. Hereeach node willbe taken out, upgraded,smoke tested andthen redeployed.Process repeated untilall nodes are upgradedindividually Pros:                Incremental,zero downtimeincrementaldeployement Cons:               unpredictablebehaviormay be noticeddue to each nodelevel updates

How to create Molecule and test Ansible tasks

For Ansible Molecule setup the following commands needs to be executed:1.pip install2.virtualenv ansible(will create virtual envfor python with ansible name) cd ansible (to go to ansible folder) source bin/activate (to activate python env) pip install molecule anisble molecule[docker] docker Now, verify ansible and molecule version ansible –version molecule –version run command : molecule init role-r …

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