How to setup Gradle project in Eclipse from scratch

Search &install Gradle pugin in Eclipse marketplace find the gradle installation directory map that with Eclipse Window > Preferences > Gradle > local installation directory File > New >Other > Gradle option to create new Gradle project File > import > Gradle project to load existing gradle project

Terraform Jenkins pipeline setup

Terraform Jenkins pipeline setup Assume Jenkins server is already setup Dowload and install terraform cli.Note the path of terraform binary downloaded Install Terraform plugin from Jenkins plugin Manager. Navigate to Global tool configuration in terraform section, map the terraform binary folder path create pipeline jenkins job write pipeline script, utilize pipeline scriptgenerator’s option ‘Declarative …

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OpenShift Container Platform

What is Openshift Container Platform? Openshift Container platform is Red Hat’s PaaS for Applocation development and deployment. OCP supports various deployment strategy with help of Docker(Pods) and Jenkins under the hood. Openshift Container platform (OCP) BuildDeployment pipeline: After login to OCP Follow YAML build strategy, git connections etc Add Jenkins deployment startegy in YAML “Creat …

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AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals notes

AZ 900 notes 📝 helps for exam preparations: Network Security group (NSG) to allow/deny traffic with in Subnet Azure monitor shows the health of entire Azure Infrastructure but Vinrtual Machine Blade shows health of Virtual Machine(VM) level. Azure advanced threat protection prevents attacks and threats Azure advanced Identity protection and Azure privileged Identity management helps …

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