Summary on Cloud, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies

Summary on Cloud, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies

Salesforce is an American cloud computing company.
Salesforce offers Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which helps in Customer Relationship Management.
It has a multi-tenant architecture and subscriptions.

 The following are the application clouds in Salesforce CRM.

  1. Sales Cloud
    2. Service Cloud
    3. Marketing Cloud
    4. Data cloud
    5. App Cloud
    6. Analytics Cloud
    7. Community Cloud

Salesforce also offers Platform as a Service (PaaS) using sites.

People involved in Salesforce Implementation
1. End User ( Customer)
2. Administrator
3. Developer
4. Consultant

The following are the list of Salesforce Certifications.

  1. Certified Administrator
    2. Certified Advanced Administrator
    3. Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
    4. Certified Service Cloud Consultant
    5. Certified Platform App Builder
    6. Certified Platform Developer I
    7. Certified Platform Developer II
    8. Certified Technical Architect


What is Apex?

  • Apex is a programming language for salesforce (only).
  • Object Oriented Program, in which the data types have to defined.
  • Allows developers for flow execution in platforms.
  • Enables developers to add business logic to most system events including button clicks, related record updates and visualforce pages.

Datatypes in Apex

  • Primitives

Apex primitives include the following datatypes.

  1. Integer
  2. Boolean
  3. Decimal
  4. Double
  5. Date
  6. Date Time
  7. Time
  8. String
  9. Long
  10. ID- Any valid Id.
  • sObjects
  • Any  object that can be stored in platform database.
  • sObject variable unlike primitive variable refers to row of data in salesforce. That is a complete record as a variable.

Hadoop MapReduce

Hadoop MapReduce is the main core components of Hadoop and is a programming model Hadoop MapReduce helps implementation for processing and generating large data sets, it uses parallel and distributed algorithms on a cluster. Hadoop MapReduce can handle large scale data: petabytes, exabytes.
Mapreduce framework converts each record of input into a key/value pair.

What is Blockchain and cryptocurrency

To understand more about Blockchain and crypto currency, lets explain about current Banking system works.

Current Banking systems : when a user does an online or ATM transaction , the centralized banking ledger verifies and confirm the authenticity of accounts. For that work, every bank or third party sites charges to user.

Blockchain is not like banking centralized ledger but this software uses a decentralized ledger across the thousands of computers and every transactions are updated in each and every ledger. That means everyone is aware of the transactions rather than a centralized bank stores all information and charges for that. There are volunteering systems who does this effort of maintaining all ledgers for block chain. 

Block chain uses cryptography mythology to protect the ledger information so that no one can modify or destroy this.

Block chain concept is utilized by Crypto currency , online voting system, signature system, agreement systems etc.

Top 20 cryptocurrency 2017

bitcoin BTC
ethereum ETH
bitcoincash BCH
ethereumclassic ETC
litecoin LTC
einsteinium EMC2
dash DASH
ripple XRP
bitcoingold BTG
zcash ZEC
eos EOS
qtum QTUM
syscoin SYS
neo NEO
monero XMR
vertcoin VTC
iota IOT
powerledger POWR
omisego OMG
santiment SAN