How to send email at every build with Jenkins

Jenkins default configuration setting allows to send email notification for build failure, someone breaks the build etc.

  1. To send email for every build Install Email-ext plugin.
  2. Once it is installed, click on Configure System
  3. Then in “Jenkins Location” section & “Extended E-mail Notification” – enter your email ids
  4. In “E-mail Notification” section, enter the SMTP server name to “SMTP server”
  5. Click “Advanced”, Click “Use SMTP Authentication” to enter required information
  6. verify “Test configuration by sending test e-mail”
  7. Configure a project to send email at every build
  8. Click “Add post-build action” and then Click “Editable Email Notification”
  9. Go to  “Advanced Settings” to “Add Trigger”
  10. then Click “Always” , Save