How to send email at every build with Jenkins

How to send email at every build ?

Jenkins default configuration setting allows to send email notification for build failure, someone breaks the build etc.

  1. To send email for every build Install Email-ext plugin
  2. Once it is installed, click on Configure System
  3. Then in “Jenkins Location” section & “Extended E-mail Notification” – enter your email ids
  4. In “E-mail Notification” section, enter the SMTP server name to “SMTP server”
  5. Click “Advanced”, Click “Use SMTP Authentication” to enter required information
  6. verify “Test configuration by sending test e-mail”
  7. Configure a project to send email at every build
  8. Click “Add post-build action” and then Click “Editable Email Notification”
  9. Go to  “Advanced Settings” to “Add Trigger”
  10. then Click “Always” , Save