Summary of Web services and API testing using UFT

Summary of Web services and API testing using UFT


Web services

Demand of Web services is already high in the new internet era since applications are built in different technology / databases and connected through internet. So communication between is only possible through a commonly accepted media which are Web services
Web services are XML format based services which use media as HTTP to communicate and it is loosely coupled where there no hard binding with client.


WSDL is a document in XML format which describes a web service and defines which transactions are available and data should be structured to send to those transactions.

WSDL (Web services description language) helps client to initiate the correct web service

Webserver client needs WSDL to initiate Web services and Web server providers generates WSDL.


UDDI is the online directory which has all the WDSL available and all web services client gets that from UDDI.

Web services has two implementations.



SOAP is the XML based implementation for web service and it has 3 main components which are
a. Envelope – represents root elements
b. Header – stores authentication, routing id for web service transaction.
c. Body – stores all data which are intended to transfer to webservice client.

SOAP uses HTTP as media for transferring data. Format used in XML.


REST is more flexible implementation as it uses text format and media other than HTTP as well.

API testing using UFT

UFT is a software automation tool. Apart from automation test scenarios it supports API testing. Following AP testing are supported.

Web service


In UFT user can create a new API project by clicking File > New > Test..
Select the  API Test type
Then navigate to tool box in the left
Click on Network once it’s exploded,
Drag HTTP Request to Test flow
Right click and select the properties
Fill the URL, select HTTP method as GET
Also you can configure the checkpoints.