What is Ansible molecule

Testing your Ansible roles with Molecule: Ansible molecule project is helpful for Ansible roles development and testing. Ansible molecule have been great help for developing ansible testing framework and scenarios.

How to install Molecule?

python3 -m pip install –user “molecule[lint]”

molecule docker image is also available and is a good alternative way to implement ansible molecule.

Ansible molecule Anatomy:

Below are the Anatomy of Ansible molecule,


name: this can be galaxy or Shell or Gilt


name: this can be docker, cloud like Azure, EC2, DigitalOcean etc


name: this can lint the program. For example ‘yamllint’ for yml playbook files.

platform: this configures driver specific platforms, populates hosts, handle interactions


provisioner: this configures ansible playbooks run.

name: ansible


name: ansible-lint

verifier: this configures what to run for tests.

name: ansible


name: ansible-lint

scenario: this configures how test scenario runs…






-syntax etc