Amazon S3

S3 enables companies to store massive amount of data in a secure way. S3 enables companies to store, retrieve data. 


High durability, availability, and scalability. S3 provides the most comprehensive compliance capabilities.

S3 allows  data storage up to 5 terabytes 

S3 provides a REST web services interface supporting any internet development tool kit.

S3 is available in any AWS region worldwide





Components of 3 tier architecture – Web server vs Application server vs Database server

Components of 3 tier architecture – Web server vs Application server vs Database server

Web server serves a web content (HTML and static content) over the HTTP protocol.

Application server is a container on which one can build and expose business logic and processes to client applications through various protocols like HTTP. Some cases it will have internal web server. Application server is heavy in terms of resource usage.

Database server refers to the back-end system of a database application using client/server architecture. The database server performs tasks such as data analysis, storage, data manipulation, archiving, and other non-user specific tasks




Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of AWS currently provides more than 100 services and helps to setup high computing power, data storage, queuing, notification, machine learning, security, monitoring services available under AWS management console.

AWS Free Tier includes 750 hours of Linux and Windows t2.micro instances each month for one year as per Amazon website. Please check  // or // website for more accurate details and to confirm this.
The quickest way to learn AWS is by creating free tier aws account by clicking below link.

Different AWS cloud services?

VPC, EC2, S3, SNS, SQS,  ML, Developer tools, Analytics, IAM, Media services etc.


What is VPC?

VPC lets us to place our AWS resources in a virtual network the way we wanted. As you can see below VPC 3 tier architecture holds the resources and makes a secure communication between the internet and your VPC.
VPC 3 tier architecture using AWS cloud services as below:
Amazon VPC – 3 tier architecture

here in the above diagram, Availability zone 1 has Web server 1, App server 1 and DB server 1 orchestrated 

Similarly, Availability zone 1 has Web server 2, App server 2 and DB server 2 orchestrated. 

The load balancer is placed to handle the load between the servers



What is EC2?

EC2 stands for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is a cloud service provides secure, resizable compute capacity. In simple terms it allows us to setup a windows, Linux servers in 2-3 minutes.

How to setup a Windows server and Linux server?

AWS Free account gives access to AWS console.
Create a free account and select Linux and Windows t2.micro instances under EC2 option under AWS Dashboard.
Follow the instructions and make sure select “Free Tier Eligible servers” and after learning the process, terminate servers as to avoid the usage of computing services and storage.
Quick – easy to create/terminate servers.
Inexpensive – Gives an option to select the matching server configurations to reduce cost.   
Secure – EC2 works along with VPC to provide high security with robust networking features.
Elastic Web scale computing – enable to increase/decrease server capacity in minutes by adding/removing 100 of servers simultaneously. 
Integration – easy integration to VPC, S3, RDS etc.
Please click on S3Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) 
Please click on RDS Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)
Please click on VPC– Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)
Please click on RPA Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)

How to run selenium on linux server using Firefox binary

How to run selenium on linux server using Firefox binary

String Xport = System.getProperty(“”, “:1”); // setup firefox binary to start Xvfb
final File ffPath = new File(System.getProperty(“lmportal.deploy.firefox.path”, “/usr/bin/firefox”));
FirefoxBinary ffBinary = new FirefoxBinary(ffPath);
ffBinary.setEnvironmentProperty(“DISPLAY”, Xport);

WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(ffBinary, null);
driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(30, TimeUnit.SECONDS);

How to handle the error popup on site security certificate is not trusted with chrome selenium python automation

How to handle the error popup on site security certificate is not trusted with chrome selenium python automation

For Chrome, add –ignore-certificate-errors in following code
options = webdriver.ChromeOptions()
driver = webdriver.Chrome(chrome_options=options)

For the Internet Explorer, set acceptSslCerts desired capability as true:
capabilities = webdriver.DesiredCapabilities().INTERNETEXPLORER
capabilities[‘acceptSslCerts’] = True
driver = webdriver.Ie(capabilities=capabilities)

For Firefox, set accept_untrusted_certs as true

profile = webdriver.FirefoxProfile()
profile.accept_untrusted_certs = True
driver = webdriver.Firefox(firefox_profile=profile)

Salesforce Admin Syllabus

Salesforce Admin Syllabus

  • Types of Objects & Fields
    • Standard Objects (Sample video link below)
    • Custom Objects (Sample video link below)
    • Standard Fields
    • Custom Fields

  • Types of Relationships, Field Dependency
  • Visualforce
  • Custom, Console application
  • Field Accessibility
  • Grant Login Access
  • Calendar, Console Tab
  • Trusted IP Ranges
  • Session Settings
  • Different types of Email templates
    • Text
    • HTML (using Letterhead)
    • Custom (without using Letterhead)
  • Different types of tabs
    • Custom Object Tab
    • Web Tab
    • Visualforce Tab
  • Field History Tracking in Salesforce, Feed Tracking
  • View setup audit trail
  • Organization Wide Default
  • Roles, Role Hierarchy
  • Sharing Rules
  • Profiles
  • Permission Sets
  • Password Policies
  • Developer console
  • Validation Rules
  • Approval process
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Scheduling reports
  • Report Types
  • Adding dashboards in Home page
  • Chatter, Chatter Desktop
  • Queues
  • Public Groups
  • Assignment Rules, Auto Response Rule
  • Views
  • Domain Registration
  • Workflow rules
    • Email Alert
    • Task
    • Field Update
    • Outbound Message
  • Search Layouts
  • Search Results
    • Lookup Dialogs, Phone Dialogs
    • Accounts Tab
    • Accounts List View
    • Search Filter Fields
  • Page Layout
  • Mini Console View
  • Mini Page Layout
  • Record Types
  • Apex Data loader tool
  • com Explorer tool, Sites
  • Data Management
    • Analytic Snapshots
    • Import Accounts/Contacts, Leads, Solutions, Custom Objects
    • Data Export
    • Storage Usage
    • Mass Transfer Records
    • Mass Delete Records
    • Mass Transfer Approval Requests
    • Mass Update Addresses
    • Data Loader
  • Tags in Salesforce
  • Live Agent
  • Public Solutions
  • Chatter Answers
  • Entitlement Management
  • How to access Salesforce from all IP Ranges – App Exchange application
  • Mass Edit, Delete – App Exchange application
  • Login Hours restriction for Profiles
  • Edit, Delete and Clone Buttons
  • App Exchange, Chat Settings(Chat Window)
  • Email to Case
  • Web-to-Lead
  • Web-to-Case
  • Schema Builder
  • Visualforce page
  • Actions in Salesforce
  • How to expire all the users password in Salesforce?
  • How Salesforce login works?
  • Account, Opportunity and Case teams
  • Manual Sharing
  • Renaming Tab Names and Labels
  • Io,
  • Merge tool
  • Chatter Approval Request
  • //
  • Opportunity Split
  • Workbench,
  • Escalation Rules
  • Adding Multiple Users
  • Account Hierarchy
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • Creating Custom Tab Style in Salesforce
  • Historical Trend Reporting
  • Splash Page creation